Whats up

What's happened since I last wrote? Quite a lot actually.

I've Joined the web developer team over at ETS 2 MP and been working on a
few new features over there mostly touching into uncharted territory for me
such as Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Linux Firewalling(being mostly a beastie myseslf, used to PF),
and even touching some more familiar things such as .net and PHP (though, a lot of work ahead of us there).

I'll be writing more in the future about some generic experiences that I get from
the project around managing Elastic, RabbitMQ, etc.

For those that don't know about this project, to give you a sense of the size,
the webserver averages about 4-5Mbit/s a day, when a patch is released we peak 40-50Mbit/s
on the main website and we spin up 4 other "CDN" servers to avoid killing the main site.
There's also just over 500 000 registered users with ~500-800 registrations a day.

Across 2 game servers(there are 5) we see between 10 and 30 000 unique players online
a day.